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  • What Do Our Clients Say…

    A very good work ! we really like the design. It's "A Yes" from us. Please go ahead with the rest. Vinay you have a talented member added to your group.

    --- Catherine Pradhan Lobo
  • What Do Our Clients Say…

    The response has been good from the website.

    --- Bipin Kedia
  • What Do Our Clients Say…

    Sincere congratulations on your customer satisfaction. Way beyond my expectations.
    Pl come Monday 3 pm so that we can initiate a preliminary assignment.

    --- Ashok Kumar
  • What Do Our Clients Say…

    Thanks for acknowledgement. You have played an important role in formation of Anexion and you are part of it. Besides commercial transaction, we are friends. I enjoy the luxury of calling you whenever I need any support.Thanks for being with us…

    --- Dr. Ajay Shrivastav
  • What Do Our Clients Say…

    We wouldn't be where we are without you.

    --- Nina Goel
  • What Do Our Clients Say…

    Well done to you and team! Amazing job. This is the beginning of something special.

    --- Paul Daniel

about us

To be recognized as a leading & trusted “Digital Business Solution & Online Presence Management” partner by 2016

the process


Bespoke Designs to enhance your Brand Value


Develop a Digital Asset for your Business


Deliver a WOW every time you work with us.

Simplicity will stand out,
while complexity will get lost in the crowd.

meet our team

We are a disciplined team of designers, developers, marketing specialists and much more...

Sheela Mukherjee
Vinay Menon
Priyanka Bajaj
Soven Baidya
Web Designer

the experience

Developing technology and data to complement Creative and Communications.

Mobile Website Development
Mobile Application Development
Responsive Design HTML & CSS3
Open Source CMS Integration
E-Commerce Solution
Online Presence Management


our services

With more and more of your customers choosing to absorb information using their phones and mobile devices, staying offline is no longer an option.

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  • Online Presence Management02
  • Business Support Solutions03

Mobility Solutions

Application development for Mobile Social Networking and Wireless Communication. Solutions based on mobile and handheld platform leveraging Maps, GPS and GPRS technologies.

Online Presence Management

Your site does not sit on your desk any more, it rests on every desk & devices which matters to you. Our Online Presence Management Solution enable you to reach across all devices.

Business Support Solutions

Save Opportunity Cost. Set Yourself Apart in the Marketplace.

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The fundamental company Values stem from understanding that our success is tied with success of our Clients

  • IVDisplays Solutions

    The need for business intelligence

    • before launching products
    • listening to the voice of users
    • understanding the “word of mouth”
    • forecasting requirements & trends
  • IVDisplays Solutions

    The need for business intelligence

    • before launching products
    • listening to the voice of users
    • understanding the “word of mouth”
    • forecasting requirements & trends
  • IVDisplays Solutions

    The need for business intelligence

    • before launching products
    • listening to the voice of users
    • understanding the “word of mouth”
    • forecasting requirements & trends


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Website Design 8 Sep post-4

An online brand needs to be supported with a well-designed website, which has been designed keeping customer experience in mind. To implement this in the right fashion, and to keep the customer on the site for longer time periods, the design has to be something substantial than being just full of attractive images and flashy […]

E-Adequate Branding 21 Aug post-1

After the Internet hype in the late 1990s, fewer and fewer attempts have been made to create pure e brands that are built exclusively on the Internet. Only a small number of companies e.g., AOL, Amazon, or Yahoo, have managed to establish pure e brands successfully. A comparison of these companies with less successful ventures […]

Making your Site More Search Engine Friendly 13 Aug post-5

Making a Website more search engine friendly is about ensuring that it can be found on search engines, under the search terms that yoru cusotmers and stakeholders are using.You can re-engineer the site at a code, content and link level, without changing the look and feel. Or, you can build a separate campaign, or issue […]

Information Search and Retreival Technologies 16 Jul post-3

Often when the customer does not have the exact web address or is seeking fresh information related to a product or a product category the customer uses a search engine like Google, Altavista, MSN, Yahoo! etc to search for the link to the website. These search engines are highly automated systems. These rank the result […]

Co-branding 16 Jul post-2

One of the greatest advantages that Internet has is the ability to form hyperlinks which leads the person browsing from one portal to another. Co-branding is a concept which is based on this unique ability of the Internet to form hyperlinks. Companies interested in co-branding set up hyperlinks on sites which may be offering a […]


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