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What do you do when there are plenty of emails seeking app development projects from you? We generally report them as SPAM don't we? I always ask myself is there an opportunity, can I find a Rockstar developer hiding behind these cold emails?

I am constantly bombarded with emails having subject line "Leading Mobile Application Development Company in India" and we can consider outsourcing work to them. Almost all of them use web mails (like gmail, yahoo, Hotmail etc etc) to send out this emails. Strange. They have no website or portfolio to showcase

More than 50% claim to have 100 strong developers working relentlessly to deliver some cool applications to their customers globally. (I don't understand why such a large enterprise will resort to cold emails) 25% of them claim that they have over 10 years of experience and 15% claim they have both which leaves us with 10% who do not make any claim. They are honest and candid to disclose that they have started their journey and would like to know if there is an opportunity to work for us.

I am ignoring the 90% for this discussion and focusing only on the 10% who do not make any tall claims. I generally start a discussion with them asking about their founder and what processes do they adopt to deliver mobile Software's. How do they split their task amongst their team and what measures do they take to see the code is managed and integrated well across the development phase?  I also look for some talks around version control and device inventory and testing. Whilst I do all of these, my primary focus is to understand if they have the right processes in place to ship a software and can I hire them as dedicated remote developers?

Remote development is profitable if done correctly because it takes away operational costs and it allows us to pick some low hanging fruits which otherwise as a business we wouldn't be interested.

I have tried out some developers in the past for a small project based on their mobile application development claims but they turned out to be group of freelancers trying to find their way. We did complete the project with them but it was a bit painful than we expected. Which leaves us with a question should we report these emails as SPAM or is there a hiring opportunity?

As a founder I am always looking for interesting opportunities to speak to tech folks, they might come disguised in cold emails but it could help you discover some interesting facts about the model. I am always looking for a hiring opportunity and these emails at times can be the source.

Some of the developers that I have spoken were open for a job change, so my natural question to them is why are they taking up mobile projects and not scouting for companies having interesting app development assignments. Surprise surprise, they find it easier to get freelance projects than a job. This is where I find a good hiring strategy, today my two senior developers have been hired through this process. They wanted Jobs and not freelance projects, I wanted developers and not outsource projects on freelance basis, hahhaaa...

Disclaimer:- I don't advocate this process for hiring but yes at times thinking differently helps

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